Beautiful Jewelry from the Sea

Who would have thought that old pieces of discarded glass, glass from landfills and bonfires would become sought for by artisans for jewelry making and bringing big bucks from collectors? Not me. But once I got hooked on it, I understood.

I have been collecting sea glass for years. I have thousands of pieces in my stash, some I use for jewelry making, some I use for creating crafts and some I keep in my collection, just because. I have amazing pieces too, some that I have been able to identify that are over 100 years old!

Now, not all my pieces are jewelry quality, but those that are make beautiful jewelry from the sea. In order to keep up with the demand for my jewelry I have purchased some jewelry quality glass from dealers in the US and Europe.  Purchasing sea glass from other sources has given me some amazing colors and shapes to work with which has enhanced my jewelry and  being able to make unique pieces has definitely helped boost my sales.